Friday, March 13, 2009

Ladies, beautiful, quartz, cosmetic, classy, rm80

watch for sale

hi, these are my watches for sale, many vintage and some newer one, so sms me at 0128778737 for any question or email me at for any furthe question, photo etc, i send by poslaju and take maybank bank in, thanks

Chansellor de luxe

swiss made, keeping time very clean, rm150

Rotary lady watch

quartz, working,all ori, cosmetic, rm70

lot 2 oris and certina ladies

Oris with band is running, gold filled, middle is certina not working and left is oris goldplated not running, sell as part, rm100

revue swiss made

revue swiss made, ladies, wth subdial, run good,

lot of 4 timex electric

all not running, complete, sell as sparepart, rm80

Sulina watch

run, swiss movt , rm 80

Kinzle Goldplated watch sold

gold plated, classic design, run wth subdial, mede in germany, price rm250

Services watch , made in england sold

with subdial, watch running, men size, price rm150

Thursday, March 12, 2009

vintage watches for sale

hi, these are my watches for sale, many vintage and some newer one, so sms me at 0128778737 for any question or email me at for any furthe question, photo etc, i send by poslaju and take maybank bank in, thanks

cimier swiss vintage watch

run strong , but bit too fast, military watch sell rm 79

Avia swiss made,

run very good, cosmetic, need to modify leather strap to fit in nice, 17 jewel , sell 180

sekonda soviet watch

made in ussr, i begin to love ussr watches, this sekonda ori from ussr, not the low quality one fr uk made in taiwan, 21 jewel, sell 170

Skeleton watch

cant figute the brand, look nice, manual wind, running, sell rm 150

Timex manual vintage

great britain, run strong, unique face, thin watch, sell rm 66

timex manual vintage

manual, run strong, flexible strap. great britain, sell 150

Ladies st micleal watch

look classy, look like gold plated from britain, run good , quartz, rm 120

Quemex watch

quartz sell cheap, run , rm50

Sterling swiss watch (sold)

dirty face, but shiny, boy size, run strong, high quality engine, sell 160

Splendor swiss watch rm66

nice, all clean, run well. men size, 17 jewel, sell

seiko kinetic, boy size, unisex, watch run , look new without strap sell rm 170

seiko gold plated watch

quartz, look good, sell rm 170

Nike retro watch

date not working, original, run , quartz, made in usa sell rm44

Jonba swiss ebauche watch

swiss engine, hong hong body, run very good , all ori, new old stock, sell rm 150

Seagull new old stock watch

made in china, new old stock, good running every day wear worthy, manual 17 jewel,seagull supply movement, good one, sell at 180

Osaki automatic watch sold

name like japanese, but engine is swiss made, engine look like it really a good watch, watch run rm 150

Helbros gold plated watch(sold)

back case is clean , stainless steel

art deco watch, run, plating still good but face is dirty, dont dare to clean it ,with subdial, swiss made, sell at rm 120

Nidor swiss made watch

Manual wind, run , flexible metal strap, nivorex, sell at rm 160

Quemex gold plated watch (sold)

Quemex vip, gold plated , quartz, sell, rm 130, spiedel lizzard watch band, german made

Ingersoll gold plated watch sold

run good, made in britain i think, textured face, clean sell at rm 250

Garuda vintage watch

quartz, new old stock run good , hight quality plating, sell at rm 120

Ruhla german watch, vintage sold

Very nice watch , run strong , everyday wear worthy, german made watch, men watch, sell at rm 180

Ruhla german wintage watch sold

watch is running well, east german i think, good looking, vintage styling shape sell rm170

Timex manual wind watch

run when wound, vintage, made in great britain, rm 130

Timex automatic, vintage sold

Timex automatic, run look good still, timex is pretty simple watch with simple engine but runn good, sell at rm 180, made in great britain

Westclox vintage watch rm122

back case

Made in usa, manual wind , military style, german casing, watch run, sell at rm 180, men size

Everite gold plated watch (sold)

20 micron gold plated, usually u get 1o micron, very thin watch and with subdial , swiss made, undoubtly my best watch here, very clean watch, run very strong , ready to wear sell at rm450, will try to add back cover photo later, look clean as well

Elgin watch quartz

watch run , sell at rm70

Christino watch, swiss movement

sapphire chrystal , swiss engine, clean, thin watch, sell at rm130

chaika rm144

Soviet watch, ussr, new old stock, 17 jewel, ready to wear, gun metal , thin and heavy watch sell at rm300

casio watch used

so that u will not wear your vintage for jogging, this all good sell at rm60


swiss made, very clean , this one it run very strong, can last two day, one of my finest watch rm350

bolivia, rm66

Bolivia watch, very clean , run, swiss part, i thing hong kong made sell at, weird shape, rm130

Buler vintage watch, sold


made, quite big and heavy even for men watch, watch is running, very clean watch, let go at rm170

Austin Vintage watch

Swiss movement from usa, not sure if gold plated, quartz,very thin watch, sell rm130

Vintage Alco watch

New old stock, wth subdial and date, run and ready to wear