Sunday, January 17, 2010

Vintage Timex ladies watch rm70

Run fine, manual wind, made in great britain, original bracelet , in mint condition, very fine

Unitron digital watch rm40

Still work, quite old, cheap, sms or email me

Vintage Westclox automatic watch rm122

Swiss made, run and keep time, flexible bracelet, aotomatic 17 jewel, sms or email me

Vintage Helbros watch rm80

Ladies , art deco, 10 k gold filled, manual wind run and keep time, good to wear for dinner, very old watch, swiss made, sms or email me

Vintage Acta diver watch sold

Manual wind, bezel can turn, nice, 38mm diameter, run fine and keep time,swiss made , sms or email me

Vintagw Wadworth watch (sold)

Art deco, ladies , original strap, gold filled 10k, swiss made, manual wind, very old watch, mabe in the 20 s, sms or email me

Vintage Waltham watch rm77

Manual wind, with vintage flexible strap, swiss made, 17 jewel, running and keep time